565R is created to provide a HARD/RAW/INDUSTRIAL character of happenings, events, residencies and collaborations. We decided it’s time to expand our community and share the dark side of Underground Techno in the world. 565R is in contact with artists and music producers in Europe and the world in order to bring this culture mainly in Greece & Cyprus. 

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Artist focusing on the hard, emotional & industrial side of techno. Over the years he has been experimenting with various sounds to finally create his own personal style which embodies stomping kicks, distorted textures and haunting melodies. Driven by strong, distressed feelings, sometimes breaking the rules to make you feel uncomfortable and provoke your emotions. He currently resides in Greece and is ready to leave his own mark wherever this path takes him.


Music Producer experimenting since 2020. 

Driven by the love of natural raw sounds and ambient atmospheric melodies his mission is to create a groovy and exploding dancefloor. 

With the combination of his favorite drum effects modular and live vocals synthesizer, MMCCCXCIX provides to the underground rave culture a high bpm experience starting from 155 – reaching to the skies.